Wish List for Care Packages

Solar Panels (There are many components and many sizes…contact us!)

Sunscreen #30+

Bilingual Bibles
School Supplies (color pencils, backpacks, pencils, watercolors, scissors)
Unflavored Grits
Coconut Oil in capsules
Soccer and/or basketballs.  (These can be deflated and easily transported.)
Pony tail holders (the THICK ones)
Peanut Butter!
Children’s books in Spanish, all ages (Preferably ones about God/Jesus.  Please- no magic, occult or vampires)
Baby Board Books in Spanish (preferably ones about God/Jesus)
Spanish Christian DVD’s
Butterscotch Candies
Andes Mints
2 sturdy backpacks (hiking type)
Baby Fever Reducer/Tylenol
Toddler Toys
Duplo Blocks