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Bella Vista Hike 2015

Bella Vista Hike 2015











So Ramiro goes, “Oh yeah, we’re gonna go on a little hike,” and I said to myself, oh, a hike, we’ve lived in the jungle for two and a half years, we can do a little hike! Plus, it hadn’t been raining that much.

So, we get our boots on, and we clean up the table where we were eating, and our team sets out. We start walking. We get to Saul’s house, and I’m so worn out! I’m thinking, are we there yet?

But then we started the actual trip up the mountain. So I’m thinking, oh, well, it’s uphill, but, it won’t be that bad! But then I start sinking in to the mud.. nearly all the way up to the tops of my almost-knee-high boots!

It’s way uphill now, but there’s this flat spot. It’s got sunk-in foot prints in the mud, and there’s water and caked-up mud on the sides, and I start sinking in it. I try to keep going up, but it’s super slick! I fall, but I catch myself with my hands. Now there’s mud all over them. It was nasty! My hands were dirty, but I just forgot about trying to keep them clean, and used them to climb.

After a while, I was hearing surprised screams and laughing. I was trying to keep up with Ramiro and Saul, because I wanted to be able to keep up with the Ecuadorians. Then we finally, finally, finally, got to the water tank. It’s filled from water from the spring, and it’s going to help with aquaponics system. Ramiro told us that the ledge was called “the Wall of Decision.” On one side, there was the water tank. But on the other side, it was like a cliff! There were rocks and sticks and other pointy stuff at the bottom, where the water flowed down. It was almost a little bit scary, so I didn’t get really close to it.

This is the story Pastor Ramiro told us: “This is the Wall of Decision. We bring people up here if they want to get baptised. If they repent of their sins, we dunk them in the water. But if they don’t, we push then over the edge of the cliff!” But he was just joking, they don’t actually do that.

I thought going down would be so much easier. “Yes!” We were ready to get back to the village and take a break! We didn’t go down the way we came though, we took a different path. It was very steep and curvy — like the roads here in Ecuador! It was intimidating.

Some of us were more sure of our step, some of us were covered in mud, and some of us (like myself) had our hands and pants dirty. We were slipping everywhere — it was crazy! It was so slick. Pastor Ramiro told us to put our heels in first, make sure you’re stable, and you won’t fall as much. It was still hard to walk, but it helped.

So there I was in the jungle, sweaty, muddy, walking, putting my heels in first, and trying to stay on the inside of the trail. And then, we came to a little ledge, like a drop-off. I saw a bunch of slide marks, where people had fallen. So I just edged my way along, very carefully. There was this guy on our team, and he was huge! I heard, “Whoa!” and I looked behind me. One of his legs was hanging off the cliff!

We finally made it back to the village. We took pictures, and it was a lot of fun. It was an interesting experience.

If there is no road at all…

Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11

The Gospel Is Only Good News If…

Psalm 91:4

Psalm 91:4

Matthew 25:40

Mattew 25:40

Grapefruits and Guitars

“Can we have some grapefruits?” Four boys were at our door talking to Mom.

“Yes you may…as long as we get some” Mom replied.

Up the tree they went, Thud, thud, boom, owww! Down came tons of grapefruits.

Dad begins to play the guitar on the front porch.

After a few minutes of singing the boys were finished with the grapefruit and Dad passed his guitar to one of the boys.

I hear strange strumming noises, it’s Chavo. I had no idea he could play. He was obviously proud. No one really knows how to play the guitar but he sang a Spanish praise song.

Several of the other boys joined in and they taught it to Dad.

Now for the good part:

Once they left I plunged into a nice juicy grapefruit.



Thursday, 3:30 pm


Jordan and I are playing “Guess Who” in English Class. I, of course, am in the lead.

And then Mom comes in. “I made a treat today! It’s colada,”

Hmm, I think to myself. I’ve had that before at the Shiri-Puno. It’s not so bad.

Oh look, a little piece of papaya! I sniff it. It, um, smells like… nothing.

I look over at Jordan. He’s already making faces. So, I try it.

“Yuck! It tastes like flour and playdoh!”

After recovering, I look up. Mom and Jordan are having a serious discussion.

“So, do you like it?” Mom asks.

Jordan just says, “No.”

“Oh,” Mom makes a face. “Why not?”

“Did you put sugar in it?”




Happy Birthday Abigail: May 12


Tomorrow, my little sister is going to be twelve years old. I can’t believe it. She is the sweetest, prettiest, most loving person I could ever want to call my sister.

She’s a wonderful missionary, artist, and I admit it: she’s way better than me in math.

While, yes, she rubs it in that she’s probably going to be taller than me, and yes, she’s only an inch shorter than me now, I am proud to be her big sister. Because I will always get to be the big sister. 🙂

To the best-ever sister in the history of the entire planet: Happy Birthday, Abigail!