Grapefruits and Guitars

“Can we have some grapefruits?” Four boys were at our door talking to Mom.

“Yes you may…as long as we get some” Mom replied.

Up the tree they went, Thud, thud, boom, owww! Down came tons of grapefruits.

Dad begins to play the guitar on the front porch.

After a few minutes of singing the boys were finished with the grapefruit and Dad passed his guitar to one of the boys.

I hear strange strumming noises, it’s Chavo. I had no idea he could play. He was obviously proud. No one really knows how to play the guitar but he sang a Spanish praise song.

Several of the other boys joined in and they taught it to Dad.

Now for the good part:

Once they left I plunged into a nice juicy grapefruit.

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