Thursday, 3:30 pm


Jordan and I are playing “Guess Who” in English Class. I, of course, am in the lead.

And then Mom comes in. “I made a treat today! It’s colada,”

Hmm, I think to myself. I’ve had that before at the Shiri-Puno. It’s not so bad.

Oh look, a little piece of papaya! I sniff it. It, um, smells like… nothing.

I look over at Jordan. He’s already making faces. So, I try it.

“Yuck! It tastes like flour and playdoh!”

After recovering, I look up. Mom and Jordan are having a serious discussion.

“So, do you like it?” Mom asks.

Jordan just says, “No.”

“Oh,” Mom makes a face. “Why not?”

“Did you put sugar in it?”




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