Pen-pals and the Schoolyard

Abigail, just get out of the car, go to the class and find… a seat? I tell myself.

Okay, if you didn’t know…that’s not how you make a friend.

I started wrong, I told myself.

Bet you didn’t know that you can’t make friends by hiding from them.

Personally, I thought that every one would love me!

I try to be nice, and I’m trying to speak their language.

Well, that’s not how you make friends either, expecting them to go gaga over you…I don’t think so.



How do you make a friend?

I barely speak the language.

I miss my roots, my family, my culture, my way of living.

I know I’m a missionary and I’m suppose to just Jell-O in, but I guess I’m not doing a good job at it.

I wish I had someone other than my family that could understand my funny jokes or culture or food.



before I knew I was going to be a missionary, I remember reading madeline’s club house magazine. I got the club house jr. ones but alwAys thought madeline’s were cooler.

I remember seeing the ”find a pen-pal” part on the back… and always thought it would be cool to have an actual pen-pal!







If you have any ideas, please contact me at

or comment on this blog .






Horses, Bread, and Guinea Pigs

After two long weeks we finally have our visas for the year.

We left for Zuleta with Ramiro and Cecilia. We stayed there for three days where we ate cuy (guinea pig)… it was rubbery… and we had watched them cook it… uhg! They buttered it with an onion stick then held it in front of the oven. Then we rolled out some bread, then all of a sudden someone would yell ”MORE BREAD!”  and everyone would run and fill baskets full. It was fun.

Then it was off to Quito, we stayed with our missionary friends. We ate, worked on our visas, ate, slept, ate, visas, visas, and visas some more. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights by the train station up in the mountains. The food was great… and fancy. We went to the train station and saw some indigenous people do a traditional dance. It was beautiful there. I rode on a horse for a dollar, it was great! Later we went to the farm (run by the same people) and saw:

2 grown-ups and a baby lamas

2 cows

2 giant horses

2 regular horses

2 mini ponies

30 bunnies, (some so fluffy you can put your arms around it and it would fill it up. Another had such a fat neck it could live without eating for 6 months.

2 deer

and some peacocks too.

Oh and a dread-lock donkey.

Elijah rode on the dread-lock donkey, and me and Madeline rode on horses… it felt cool!

Well that’s all for now.

So all may know,


Bracelets and Boas

8:00 am I wake up to the sound of parrots from outside the bedroom window and mom gently patting me on the shoulder “good morning sweet girl” she said to me “get up because we’re going to Shirri-Puno for our bracelet making class.” I almost jump off my top bunk and race into the bathroom grab the hair brush and yank almost half of my hair out trying to brush it ”yaoow” I scream “I knew I should have taken 5 minutes to braid my hair last night!” After about 5 minutes of painful strokes, I braided it down the side. I brushed my teeth, made my bed and changed my shirt and pants. A few minutes later we’re in Shirri-Puno. Me, Mom, Madeline, and Elijah walked down the clean swept path. Finally we get to the community building and Mrs. Emily introduced us to the bracelet teacher. Her name was Chalie and she was nice. She taught us how to make this awesome kind of bracelet. It was hard for me to concentrate (because I was not wearing socks and the bugs were eating my feet) but I was the first one finished. “I‘m so proud of me” I thought, “I’m even finished before Madeline” and to me is a big thing . We took pictures with Chalie. A few minutes later mom was taking pictures of something. We go down the path past their sacred rock across a foot bridge and then we were next to the craft room. There was an elderly lady with a boa constrictor around her neck. She let us hold it while Mom took pictures. I could feel it squeezing and it felt weird. It was a fun day!


“Taranchula!” mom yelled, “Kill it!”

“Get a broom, tennis ball and open the door” dad said.

A tarantula about the size of the palm of my hand was crawling on the kitchen wall.

No way, too cool!

I can’t believe I go to see a tarantula.

It was amazing.

Friday we are going to Quito. It will be a lot of fun.


Didn’t know what I signed up for…


Happy Thursday to you all.

Okay, I am a director of a news cast at the school, in my English class I am pretty much in charge of the whole project because the teacher (Mr. Roberto’s wife Mrs. Charmai went to Quito because of her eyes. When she comes back she in going to put it on Youtube so it has to be ready.

I have the hardest job of all, I have to make sure all my ducks are in a row and that everything is running smoothly. Let’s just say I didn’t know what I signed up for. One day nobody came prepared, and guess who got in trouble? I know, nice right?

Well it turned out okay, but if I ever say in my blog that I am going to be in a news cast remind me.

I am getting use to my new life. I still miss my friends but I am trying to make new ones. Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the others gold. I like that poem.

I am doing good, all but one thing. Well, two. First, the bugs. I have at least 25 bites on each leg. 2nd the heat, it is getting better but every time I step outside I start sweating. Well even when I am inside I sweat because the windows are made of screen.

Check back soon,


Busy, busy, busy!


We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY doing stuff like:

We moved into are new cabin. Momma and Daddy have one room, me and Elijah have the other room .I get the top bunk! Madeline got the loft and she likes it.

We now have signal at the house so I will be blogging more.

School started and is going great.  We’re doing Math, Science, English, Spanish, and some more. It has been hard trying to keep up with my Spanish classes so if you can pray that would be nice. But I am getting the hang of it

It has not rained in a while. It is HOT and SwEATY. We are  all fine and dandy. Please keep us in your prayers and encourage us by COMMENTING and EMAILING. I hope I can blog more often.



Thanks for reading,


August Newsletter

The day after we arived at Misahualli, the team came.  While they were here they did a VBS at different villages each day.

One of the girls hurt her ankle, so I took her place in a skit.   The skit was called “Contagious”.  It was about spreading the Word of God. 

We took a big boat to visit a village downstream.  One of the women brought out a table when she saw us and set out her hand-made jewelry.  She made it out of seeds and fiber from tree bark. I bought a necklace that is blue and brown with my birthday money.  She was happy to have her picture taken with us, and put more necklaces on us for the picture.


The villlage kids like to play with chalk and jumprope, and they are really good at it.  It was fun trying to talk in Spanish to the children and it was sad when we had to leave.Hiking to the waterfall was fun.  The bugs are really bad here.  I have to wear pants and long socks all the time. I am nervous about going to school this year.  I am nervous about being in a classroom with other kids.



Hola from Abigail




I am so sorry that I have not posted anything lately. We have been super busy.


The Flater’s drove with us to the  Atlanta airport, we got on the plane and we flew for 5 hours.




When we got off the plane we were in Quito.  Mr. Darin was waiting there to pick us up. We went to his guest house.  They have 3 kids Ashlee Alex  and Luke they are very nice.  We saw cuy (guinea pig) being sold on the street.  Mr. Davalos came to pick us up to take us to the jungle.   It was another  5hours .   




We went through Mishualli  


We went to Tena  to the market.  It had fruit and vegetables.  It was stinky.   They had chickens there too.   We will put pictures on here once Mom figures out how.  We went to the grocery store.   Everything was  written in Spanish




Mr. Davalos took us into the jungle  and  Junior ( one of the boys) climbed up really high in a tree  and threw down a pineapple looking fruit.  It was a soft round  prickly thing.  The texture was mushy inside.  It tasted like banana  and bread  pudding mixed.  Junior also got an orange cocoa pod from a tree.  He smacked it against a tree to break it open.  It was like a slimy white coating.  On the inside was a purple cocoa bean.  The white stuff was too slimy. Mom liked it.  The bean was bitter. 




We took a hike around the campus.  We stopped at the river.  Robby and Elijah soaked themselves.  It was fun.  It was like the rapids like you see on T.V. 




We had dinner with the Davalos’.  Ms. Charmai made pizza.  Nine people live in their house, and I don’t know all their names yet. 


The only reason I don’t like it is the bugs.    I really miss my friends and family. But we will get to all of them  in June. 




Hello from Abigail


I am sorry that I have not posted anything lately. We have been to a lot of places, and have been kind of busy.  Right now we are staying at Uncle Matt and Aunt Ciji’s house outside of Ocala. A couple of days ago our family went to Fort Myers FL., to meet the Davalos family. Then we went to Miami. The drive was about two and a half hoursfrom Ft. Myers. We had to wait in a little office called the Ecuadorian Consulate. We had to wait all day for two days in a row to get our Visas. When we got back Daddy spoke at Fort Cooper Baptist Church and we sang. We are counting down the days until July 10th. That’s when we leave for Ecuador.  I will try to post once a week, check back soon 🙂

from Abigail

Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry that I have not written in weeks but we have been doing so much.

Mom and Dad have been taking us to the First Baptist Church of Lake Panasoffkee on Wednesdays. They have a kids study group, it is great.I have meade some new friends, like Kelby and Keaton.


We went to the Cirus County Fair on dollar night. We saw and fed a: Giraffe, Zebra, Llama, Camel, Jacob Sheep and saw a bearcat:)

We have seen some birds too, like:


  Red shouldered hawk

  Great Ibis

  Mourning Dove

  and a bunch of others!


Down here it is super-duper hot up to 92 degrees.

I can’t wait until May when I can see my friends . I really miss them and like it when they call or email me!