Last Tuesday Was #givingtuesday, but it’s Not Too Late !

Last Tuesday was #givingtuesday, but it’s not too late to start supporting!

If you would like to partner with our ministry, consider making a one-time or monthly donation through

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We are so grateful for everyone who supports us in sharing the Gospel with the peoples of Ecuador, from the jungle to the mountains. ❤️

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Why wait for Giving Tuesday? 

Now is a great time to give.
Why wait for Giving Tuesday?

We’ve attended our last Ecuadorian church service, we’re cleaning out the pantry and fridge, doing laundry and packing. Leaving is hard even though we are excited about coming “home” for 6 months. We leave Paute on Wednesday to head over the Andes to the airport in Quito.

Please pray for our family that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and have God’s protection spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

If you feel led to contribute to our airfare and transportation here’s a link to make it fast and easy (We know it’s a busy time of year!)

It’s time for a furlough.


It’s time for a furlough.

Now that we’ve set a date, we’re excited to share that we are returning for a 6 month furlough on December 1, 2017.  This will give our family a time to decompress, refresh, and refuel for the future. We’re are looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends.  Can’t wait to see you!

We’re leaving Ecuador on December 1st! 
Please pray for a safe and uneventful flight and re-entry.
We need transportation that seats 6.  Do you know of a great deal?  

You can continue to partner with us.

We’ve already been blessed with places to stay during this time, and we are so grateful.
What else can you help with?
  • Prayers for our family.  Being in full time ministry on foreign soil can be tough.
  • Prayers for our future.  We will be prayerfully considering serving in foreign missions for 6 months and serving in-country (USA) missions 6 months.  More on this as we have definite answers.
  • Prayers for our children.  Ranging in age from 17 years to 18 months, the needs vary greatly.  Everyone adjusting to another culture, missing their old home and making friends is up at the top of the list.  Madeline starting university is another big one.
  • Transportation.  Finding an automobile(s) that is suitable for 6 people, luggage and is road worthy to cover the southeastern states is our goal.  Yep, that’s what we are looking for!
  • Continued support.  If you have been praying (we know you have!) and/or supporting us financially, know that we still need that support.  Our expenses in the US are higher than in Ecuador and sometimes furlough is more stressful than ministry overseas.
Time and time again, God uses His people (you) to provide for our needs.  Thank you.

Thank you.

We know that you are an essential component in our ministry.  Your prayers, encouragement, support and feedback are critical.  Thank you for being part of the body that allows us to serve as HIS hands and feet.



Update Week of April 22

Another week of blessings!
* In Kidstuf, our Children’s Bible and English class, we made Jesus sun-catchers.








* There were 23 (wow!) in youth Friday night and Eric shared about obedience to God. With all the new faces coming in we are having to constantly monitor appropriate displays of affection. This can be challenging due to different cultural expectations and hormones. We are asking God to help us address this with both the children and their families in a manner of love and respect.









*This morning there were 5 in the 7:30am Men’s Bible Study. Eric said it went really well. I wasn’t invited, but he did take a picture!!









*We’ve reached a verbal agreement to rent a different house a few blocks away. It is quite a bit smaller than the one we rent now, but the rent is less and it is across from a basket ball court.









*Here are some pictures from the kids cookie baking class. It went really well and they have requested to learn how to make carrot soufflé next time.


If you missed our last update- here it is


So All May Know,

The Studebaker Family in Ecuador

March and a bit of April 2017

It’s been a wonderful, blessed and busy month. Don’t be surprised if our updates are less frequent – trying to keep up with family life, a busy baby boy and ministry doesn’t leave much time for Facebook!
-We’ve just wrapped up a unit on food and metamorphosis in the kids English/Bible class.
-Elijah is learning to play chess and joined a group of local adults playing in town. He lost one game and won two. He is still attending weekly soccer practice.

– Madeline is still volunteering with Unsion in Cuenca. She recently snuck in through a morgue to pray with patients at a hospital. Oh, the stories that girl has!
-Abigail is preparing for her Quinceanera the 12th of next month. She found a dress and is getting excited about participating in this cultural birthday experience.



-Malachi had his first birthday party. It was SO much fun for us, but he was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd. 🙂











-Visas. Eric has his new visa. The four children have had their visas submitted and we are awaiting approval for them. Mine, well, I don’t have one. We have had three different issues with my FBI reports. Once it was just late, then it came with a typo in the name, this time it has been stamped incorrectly. We have submitted another request (and fee). Once it arrives we will try again. Thank you for your prayers in this matter- they did not have to allow me additional time to try again, I know that God blessed us <3 with His favor.
– Evangelism. The dramas went really well last week in Paute. Several hundred people were in attendance and many more strolled by watching. We’re scheduling more dramas in other (smaller) communities for the future!
– Many of you responded to our request for prayer after my brother’s motorcycle accident. He has had several surgeries, a skin graft and is scheduled for a bone graft. He is making progress and is currently at his home. Thank you for all of your prayers.
-Please be in prayer for our family’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Our contract on the house we are renting is up at the beginning of June and we need to find another home in this area. We’re looking at a smaller house next to a basketball court that would be great for our family, ministry and hopefully our budget.

Kidstuff on Wednesday the 14th!

We had a great time  singing, dancing, and learning!  Classes are now free, so once word gets out we are expecting a room full!  English and Bible, Hokey Pokey- Give your Heart to Jesus! ABC Vocabulary, Shapes and Colors.


Youth Night at SIP91

We had a great time at SIP91 last night. We heard a devotion and watched two related videos, had coffee, cookies and wraps, and played several games. What a super group of young people!!







Hogar- Friday 14th of September 2016

We saw seven kids Friday.
The Bible story and coloring sheet was on David and Goliath.
This Friday- these seven kids- some didn’t know the story of David and Goliath.
Never heard it.
Please pray for us as we go and share, that God would give us more of Him that these children might come to know Him.
So All May Know

BTW- We’d like to give each child their very own Bible book for their birthday. Please let us know if you would like to help give

them that gift.










The Apron

The apron is so pretty, every time I put it on I feel like twirling around!

I wear it to cook for my family, to cook for our friends, to cook for those that I hope will become friends and family in Christ.

Last week a women asked me about the apron.

I explained it was a gift, made by a sister in Christ.  She was obviously impressed.

Much time and love was put into something made for serving others.

Our guest noticed.

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 25:40New International Version (NIV)

Am I serving as if it were HIM  that I am serving?

Because according to Matthew 25:40 it is doing it for HIM.

Regardless of if we are in a pretty apron or mud boots, how we serve is important.

People notice.  HE notices.

Let us serve well.






September 5, 2016 Update. Praying, Preaching and Reaching!


Here’s a quick update on the happenings here in Ecuador.  Thank you for taking the time to read it and, most importantly, to join us in prayer!


Elijah lost another tooth.  He isn’t enjoying seatwork, but loves to work on projects with Eric or be outside.

We searched all over to find a special thermometer for Madeline’s Biology course and finally found one (with help!)  Her classes are going well.

School has resumed in the house. Abigail is doing well in her studies and is learning to sign a song to share at church.

Malachi is starting to scoot and laugh.  He is sleeping less and growing fast.  Our updates are likely to stay brief as there is now limited time now to type without baby drool soaking the keyboard!!

We’ve replanted the aquaponics bed and garden, replaced a pump in the aquaponics system and Eric has made a few repairs to the car.

We’ve hosted several families for dinner and tea, and cleaned and prepped the SIP to re-open.

This week:

Children’s English and Bible classes resume this Wednesday.  After much prayer, there is one BIG change this time- it’s free.  We’re expecting more children and more FUN!  The money from the classes was paying the rent, but we are trusting that God will provide the $200 needed every month. Please be in prayer for all the aspects of this ministry:  evangelism,  outreach, safety, love, discipline, wisdom….

We visited the orphanage and saw several faces we remembered.  Sadly, many faces we loved aren’t there any more.  Some of the children have been relocated with family members and some of the staff is gone.  One staff member that isn’t there is the director.  We are scheduled to meet the new director this Friday.   Please be in prayer that we will have God’s favor and continued access to the children on a regular basis.

Every Friday (beginning this week) we will open up the SIP to the community with music, a devotion, snacks, and games or a movie.  Our focus during this time will be on teenagers and young adults.  We’re actively inviting other churches and the unchurched to join us.  Please be in prayer that this reaches many and opens doors for  salvations and discipleship.

This week  begins Elijah’s Spanish classes 2x per week.  He was so little and cute, no one ever corrected him and he has not acquired as much of the language as we would have hoped.  Please pray that he and his teacher will bond, that our little man will be a good student, and that he will learn much.  Prayerfully, we will be able to add on classes for the rest of the family.

Eric gave the message this past week- in Spanish!  We’re so proud of him as he strives to learn the language, disciple and share the Gospel.  He is back on the rotation for preaching and will be helping with the discipleship of the Paute youth group on Saturdays. The adult Bible and English class will begin this Thursday.  These will be given at no charge as well.

Also, this week Eric will be preparing for his drivers license test in Spanish (English isn’t offered).  This is especially difficult because it utilizes a completely different set of vocabulary that we have been learning and in written form is without context clues.  Please pray that he won’t stress out and will do well on his test.  Eric will have his hands full throughout the week.  Please keep him and the ministries he is serving in your prayers.

This week we will be able to deliver 50 copies of a chronological Bible study to the local church.  We purchased the study (in Spanish) from NTM before we returned and the local copy shop is duplicating and binding it.  Thank you for helping fund this <3

Coming soon:

In October we will be making a trip to the jungle. Please pray that the car we were able to recently purchase makes the trip safely and that it is a fruitful time.  We are beginning the planning now.

We are super excited about the prospect of groups coming to serve with us here in Ecuador.  There have been people inquiring about coming with groups from church or work, individuals and families.  Some people have asked about staying long term. (You can stay in Ecuador for up to three months without a visa!)  Would you pray that God will open and close doors as He brings workers to His fields?