Another Term Awaits Another Passport!

It’s June already, can you believe it?

So much is happening both here and at the ministry in Ecuador!
Tyler and Eunice just finished up their six months serving in Ecuador and returned to Mexico.
We’re thankful that they were able and willing to fill in and minister while we were unable to be there.
Becky Lamson is there now and will be staying until we return. She’s working at the orphanage,
restarting the aquaponics, and diving into setting up the solar panels!

When do we plan on getting back to Ecuador? Well, we are waiting on paperwork!
We’ve made application for Malachi’s passport and will purchase the airline tickets once it arrives.
The tentative date for leaving the USA is July 31st.

A few praise reports:

We were able to take advantage of a program offered by the hospital (cash pay within 48 hours of discharge) after Malachi’s birth.
By using the money set aside for airline tickets we paid the bill in full – getting it down from the original price of $47,000.00 to $5,670.04!!
Both Madeline and Abigail finished up the year with honor roll, Elijah has grown an inch in the past 4 months,
and Malachi has doubled in size (from 5lbs 11 oz at birth to 11lbs. 12 oz at two months.)
We have been blessed with two baby showers (thank you Fellowship of the Hills and House of Prayer)
and shower gifts arrived from all over the place filled with love and thoughtfulness! I am still writing the thank you notes,
but please know that we appreciate each and every gift and card.  Thank you.
We have been blessed with two photo sessions, so we have new pictures with all 6 of us!!.  Thank you Leah Kelley and Lori Watson.
These will be used to update our webpage and contact cards.

We’re planning on visiting the Washington, N.C. area to share with friends there June 23-30th,
taking a week long First Responders Course in N. GA on July 4-8,
helping with VBS and attending camp the 11-15th,
celebrating Madeline’s birthday the 11th,
taking a week to clean up and pack the 17-23
and celebrating Amy and Elijah’s birthdays,
then heading down to FL to see family and friends.
Finally we plan on flying out of Miami sometime around the 31st of July.In the meantime, we are packing clothes for our next term, watching airline ticket prices,
looking for a Spanish School in Cuenca, getting everyone’s home school books packed and signing Madeline up with Liberty University Online.

What are some specific ways that you can help?
Pray for God to give us wisdom and favor.
Pray that He will be our comfort as we leave our home & family and return to our host country of Ecuador.
Consider making a one time gift towards our airfare.
Pray for our parents and grandparents.
Pray about helping cover some of the education costs incurred from Liberty University or the Language School.
Pray about making a trip to serve with us in Ecuador.
Consider making a one time gift towards the purchase of a vehicle and registration in Ecuador.
After more than four years on the field , we will be taking 2 taxis now to fit us all until a car is provided!
Pray about partnering with us financially on a monthly basis.
Pray for the ministries: English/Bible classes, mentoring, the work at the orphanage, aquaponics, working with the pastors and churches and outreach.

Having a Missions Conference or International Fair? Would you like to help share what is happening with So All May Know and what we are doing in Ecuador?
We now have a box ready to mail to you that includes a tablecloth, photographs, jewelry and display items. Use it and return to our contact here in the States. Easy-peasy!

We are so thankful to have had this time in the States.  We wish we could stay longer and visit with each and every one of you!
Thank you for being a part of the work in Ecuador.

So All May Know,
The Studebakers
Eric, Amy. Madeline, Abigail. Elijah and Malachi



December 16, 2015 at the SIP Ministry Center

Eric with some of his students at the SIP!

Amy Carter Studebaker's photo.

January 5, 2016

This week is off to a great start! We had 12 in the children’s class this afternoon. That is a great turn out for our first day back from break! We reviewed our vocabulary, played games, and read about Daniel and the lions den. Tyler will be heading up the adult classes this evening.

Tomorrow we are going to Hogar to work with the kids. Our plan is paint the little wooden cars that were donated and talk about the choices we have; where we are going and the choices we make about where we are going for eternity.

It is time for a replanting in the aquaponics system, we have seed in the ground for a traditional garden, and we will be trying out trout and tilapia in the tanks.

Later this week we have community movie night, and we will be taking time to to teach Tyler and Eunice about making the different cookies and coffee drinks for the cafe’.

January 1, 2016

A night of drama and song with our church family.

Una noche de drama y canción con nuestra familia de la iglesia.

Efren Rojas's photo.

January 13, 2016

Just five days until we fly back to the USA for our furlough. It is strange how I can be so excited and yet sad at the same time. Headed to the Dr.’s office to get a certificate to fly, getting everyone packed, and setting the house and ministry stuff in order before we go. Tyler and Eunice are doing a great job getting ready to assume the responsibilities while we are gone. Please keep everyone in your prayers as we transition!

Our plan is to be in the USA from January 18th until sometime around August. Upon arrival, we plan on staying a week in Florida and a week in NC to visit family and friends. Eric has been blessed with part time work that starts on February 1st in Blairsville, GA. The baby is expected the beginning of May by c-section. God is good, and we are thankful!

April 10-18 2016

April 10

Headed to Chattanooga for a special delivery!


April 10 Union County Hospital Blairsville

April 10

Malachi arrived today weighing 5 lbs and 11 oz. At 34 weeks he is needing a little extra care and is being kept in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Please keep him in your prayers.

April 12

We have some good news and some not so good news. Malachi is off of the breathing machine (CPAP) We can see his sweet little face and

nose now. He is quite handsome!

The not so good news is he has to stay a minimum of five more days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Please continue to pray for us: for Malachi’s continued health and development, and for the rest of us to handle the various types of stress from this situation. Being  away from home, in yet another state, in a hotel, is trying for the family. I am still admitted to the hospital.

Madeline, Abigail and Elijah haven’t been able to see their little brother yet.


April 13

Malachi is off of phototherapy. They are suggesting that he may be released from the NICU on Sunday afternoon if he continues to progress. I should be released on Friday morning. Another blessing is that we are being allowed to stay in the Ronald McDonald House here in TN, so no more hotel! Thank you for your continued prayers.

April 15

*Update* Malachi’s most recent labs are much better. Predicted release from NICU is tomorrow, sometime in the evening after his last dose of antibiotics. Thank you for your prayers.

*Earlier Please continue to pray for Malachi. His labs are a little off this evening. Also, please pray that we have favor with the nurses and doctors  that are attending to him. Our goal for getting out of NICU and back home is still Sunday afternoon (and with God, all things are possible!)









April 18

Praise Report! Malachi was released and our family is back safely in Blairsville! Eric will be returning to work on Wednesday and the girls  head back to school tomorrow. Since Malachi’s immune system isn’t fully developed, we will be staying close to home for a while. We will  try to get some pictures up soon. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! It’s amazing to see how God has worked throughout this  pregnancy, delivery, and our short stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

32 / 147 million

Mom’s rocking a sleepy baby, Abigail’s helping the girls with homework.
I’m holding onto a very rambunctious little fellow who’s trying to eat crayons.
I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I’m starting to wonder why I’m even here.
Then I hear it: “Yo tengo gozo, gozo, gozo, gozo en mi corazón!” Juan Carlos singing. Not just any song, either, a Jesus song. Mom hears it too. She smiles.
That’s a Jesus song! We taught him that! 
I want to jump up and down, screaming and flapping my arms around like a crazy person. Instead, I smile so big and hard my cheeks start to hurt and my eyes water.
It’s these little victories. 
It’s every time they hand me sheet of paper with multi colored scribbles and say “para vos, pues.”
It’s when they reach up with their chubby little hands and want me to lift them out of their crib.
It’s those days I get them to talk about how school’s going and why they love science.
It’s watching their faces when we get there each week… and when we tell them we’re coming back next week, too.
It’s this stuff that seems insignificant, that makes it worthwhile.
It’s these kids, and their trust and their love, that show me just how important this is.
With 168 hours in a week, two hours every Friday doesn’t seem like much.
And in a world filled with 147 million orphans, thirty-two kids don’t seem like a lot. 
It’s impossible for us to make a difference on our own. But with God…
He’s going to change their lives. In big ways, in ways we can’t understand.
We’re just his hands and feet.
So maybe thirty-two is just a few.
It still leaves a huge percentage of orphaned children unreached. Of the 147 million orphans in the world… we’re reaching less than a millionth of one percent.
But guess how many God is willing to reach, by working through any of us?
Yeah. All of them.

The Culture in Which We Live and Serve…

The town of El Quinche just outside Quito is preparing to welcome 800,000 people. The pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of El Quinche is scheduled for November 20, 21 and 22. But activities begin this Saturday at 07:00 with a 15-kilometer hike from the community of Oyambarillo to El Quinche. For the big pilgrimage, there will be five routes that pilgrims will take. Pope Francis visited El Quinche during his trip to Ecuador earlier this year.

Local people have told me you have to go on this pilgrimage at least seven times before you can ask the Virgin for a favor. The image of the Virgin is a wooden sculpture carved in the 16th century by Don Diego de Robles.

Please continue to pray for the ministries here in Ecuador.

Praise God that we have access to the Creator, that our sins have been paid for, and there is no pilgrimage required!

virgin in El Quinche outside of Quito

“Too” Close?

We have enjoyed being a “close” family.

Four of us sitting in the back of the taxi for hours on end

has taught us a great deal about being close

and after three years, we have it down to a science!


However, baby #4 is growing.  So is Elijah.

The backseat is getting smaller REALLY quickly.


There is no way a carseat will fit in the back with the four of us.









We need to raise $16,000 to purchase a vehicle.


A missionary family we know is relocating

and selling their 8 passenger vehicle at a good price,

but we need to have the money by the first of December.


Please, prayerfully consider partnering with us in this.


Purchasing it now allows us to take advantage of this good deal,

will help the missionaries that are relocating,

and we can get all the paperwork taken care of pre-baby.


It will be a blessing for the monthly trips to the hospital and jungle,

the weekly trips to the orphanage,

and the daily trips to and fro that keeps us hopping.


Here is a link for support!


(The auto will remain here to be used by other missionaries while we are in the States.)



Update: September 12, 2015

We live a crazy, busy, beautiful life.

Sip 91 is about 2 miles from the house. Weather permitting, we walk to the cafe and open up no later than 8am. The coffee starts brewing and cookies go into the oven. The kids all help and then the homeschooling begins. We break for lunch and then reopen and resume schooling. Depending on the day of the week, we have children and adult English classes from 2 until 8 or on Friday we head to serve at the orphanage. We’ll get home between 8 and 9:30.

The past two weeks have felt like running a marathon, and until I started typing, keeping the schedule without sinking was just about all I could focus on.

Time to refocus!

It isn’t about coffee, cookies or schedules.

There is more happening in that little cafe’ than espresso folks!


  • I sat with a couple (an agnostic and an undeclared) for three hours sharing testimony the other night.
  • Eric had a young man tell him he needs some of this God stuff. We are praying he will come to Bible studies.

  • We spent time at the orphanage coloring and making tissue paper collages while sharing that God is the creator and loving His children.

  • People are reading scripture while utilizing their English proofreading skills.

  • Our children are making new friends and discussing religion while playing board games over hot chocolate.

  • Last night, we held the first free community movie night and showed Facing the Giants in Spanish. There were 49 people in attendance.

We are blessed with a crazy, busy, beautiful life.

So, next week?

We are looking at how we can tweak the schedule and get a little more down time and family time. We are praying about heading to the US for a quick trip in December. We are praying for a car. We are praying for more opportunities to share the Gospel.

sept 2015imageimage